Core Banking System
Successful Digital Banking Solutions

Retail Banking (Consumer Banking)

Co-Founder have provided countless trainings to T24 /T24 MBS (Micro Banking suite) resources across various regions in this domain. The co-founder was also awarded 'best performer' during her career in T24/T24 MBS projects such as Training, implementation, upgrades etc.


Corporate Banking(Trade Finance/Documentary Credits, Documentary Collections & Bank Guarantees)

Founder is an International Trade Specialist with Distinction grade from electronic Business School of Ireland and Founder have successfully implemented TradeFinance/Guarantees modules in various projects across different regions.


Treasury Banking(Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Revaluation, Position Management)

The founder has successfully completed the implementation of above products in various projects for example Marfin Bank Romania, TC Ziraat Bank Jeddah.

The founder also has a real time exposure to various Trade Finance/Treasury projects from different regions such as Requirements gathering, implementation, Migration, development, testing & support.

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